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4900 NC Hwy 150 East
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4900 NC Hwy 150 East
Brown Summit, NC

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Brightleaf Counseling Company offers teletherapy (ZOOM, telephone) for individuals who are unable to come into the office for live, face-to-face services. Teletherapy can be a convenient & effective way of accessing counseling services, especially for those with COVID concerns, transportation or childcare issues, or any number of other challenges preventing access to the clinic. Through teletherapy, Brightleaf can offer services to individuals in any part of the state, no matter how remote.

Here are some helpful tips for a successful teletherapy experience:

  • Most laptops/desktops should work fine for teletherapy, and many smartphones will work as well. However, check your technology in advance of your appointment.
  • Chrome/Firefox will work better than Safari or Explorer. You will want to make sure that your volume is up and that you use earbuds/headset for additional privacy.
  • Provide your Brightleaf therapist with your current location, as well as any support people you have located in the same area as you are, in the event of a crisis. Also, provide your phone number in case of a lost connection.
  • Make sure that you have a quiet, private place to meet with your Brightleaf counselor via telehealth. This may mean setting up in a home office, your bedroom or even in your parked car outside if you live with others. It can be helpful to set up rules with those you live with so you will not be disturbed during sessions. You could also try to set up a fan or white noise machine outside your room for added privacy. The goal is to be comfortable and private so as to be able to focus on your well-being.

(tips taken from Telemental Health Care, An Effective Alternative to Conventional Mental Care, 2017)